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Arabian World
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Type: Dimension
First episode: "The Fast and the Floor Rugs"
Latest episode: "Save the Worlds"
Appearances: 2
Arabian World is a dimension of Arabian fantasy. It is featured in "The Fast and the Floor Rugs".


The team needs to protect a magic genie lamp from bandits and take it to the Sultan's palace, ensuring that said bandits don't steal it from them and use it to destroy the palace.


  • Arabian resident (replaced by Penn)
  • Monkey (replaced by Sashi)
  • Genie (replaced by Boone)
  • Bandits (two replaced by Rippen and Larry)
  • Sultan
  • Camel
  • Arabian policeman


  • Barren Wasteland: A wide expansion of desert land, rocks, and canyons.
  • Oasis: A rocky area with luscious plants and a waterfall.
  • Oasis of Savings Hardware: A hardware store in the barren wasteland.
  • Palace: The home of the Sultan.


Season 1


  • The world have a lot of similarities to the Disney film Aladdin.
  • Penn in Arabian World is seen for a moment in the theme song.
  • Penn and team visit Arabian World while removing vortexes in "Save the Worlds".

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