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Beach Ball Grandpappy
Beach ball Grandpappy
Production Information
First episode: "Balls!"
Voiced by: Brian Posehn
Character Information
Species: Beach ball
Gender: Male
Occupation: Member of a ball herd
Residence: Land of the last ball herd
Enemies: The hunters
Dislikes: Aggression
Beach Ball Grandpappy is a male beach ball in Ball World who was deflated by a group of hunters.


Being a beach ball, Beach Ball Grandpappy has three white stripes and three unknown-colored stripes on his body, with the top circle of the ball being where his mouth is.


Beach Ball Grandpappy is calm and relaxed, preferring peace and avoiding aggression. Sadly, he is deflated by a hunter, not much to his liking, and he warns the other balls to escape as he loses air.