• Аида Охотникова 5647

    Its my scenario to this cartoon,cartoon director like my scenario when i will finish!

    Name of episode: "New life of dimensions."


    Dimensions ar allive. They have new life. Penn, Sashi and Boone find a secret diary(hint to Gravity Falls). Fillis taking this diary and talked them what this diary a dangerous. Penn and friends have a depression. They want a coming to dimensions, Rippen and Penn missed each other. Penn asked Phyllis to open the portal. Phyllis denied, but Penn forced her. She open the portal. Penn wanted to find the most dangerous dimension, but for the first time he did not find it.Over time he was found it. Rippen and Penn embraced and Rippen was gone to his dimension. Phyllis was frightened, but Penn reassured her. Ri…

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  • Littlecharmersfan
    1. SteamPunk World 
    2. Animal World 
    3. Baby World
    4. Jungle World
    5.  Machine World
    6.  Spy World 
    7.  Cedar Hills
    8. Gameboard World
    9. Primate World
    10. Miniature Golf World
    11.  Pet World
    12. Viking World.
    13. Ancient chinese World
    14. Wizard World
    15. kawaii World
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  • Rainergirl

    Exuse me i have not seen this show in a while and...does Penn ever go to save his mother and father?Help me out.

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  • Samuraiforever

    Since we know that the episode still super is an upcoming episode and shares the name of I'm Super could this mean the jobs is not necessarly done and penn can revisit the worlds when new trouble rises. I figured at first that most the episodes where one off episodes. But it was first hinted through pictures of previous adventures and the fact that in the title we see penn traveling to a futuristic trench coat wearing world with lzer batons, but the world was only used so far as a generic background world in a photo when penn said they've been having bad experiences in some of their recent adventures. Will be the same or a different hero meaning could he be the strenching hero we saw in the opening.

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  • Tansyflower

    Hi! Since we don't know when episodes will air, this is where I'll gather info about upcoming news/images for the show!

    Also, a majority of these come from co-creator's Sam Levine's Twitter/Instagram/Tumblr, and check out backgrounds and visual development for the show on this Tumblr!

    • Superhero episode (Comic Con 2014 clip)
    • Dinosaur episode (image)
    • Cowboy episode (image of designs in background)
    • Knight episode (image)
    • Underwater episode (Twitter post/image)
    • Episode (22-minute) with capes, monkeys, and rugs (Twitter post)
    • Halloween episode (image, assumed Halloween episode but might just be something w/ a scary theme)
    • Christmas episode (22-minute, Twitter post/Twitter post/image)
    • Episode with bandits on pteranadon (Twitter post)
    • Episode with car chase…

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