"Sash, check the specs."
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Caveman Spy World
140105 0027
Type: Dimension
First episode: "Rock and Roll"
Latest episode: "Save the Worlds"
Appearances: 2

Caveman Spy World is a dimension with caveman spies. It is featured in "Rock and Roll".


Penn, Boone and Sashi are part of a spy agency of cavemen and they must use extremely low-tech gadgets (rocks, wood) to stop a weapon capable of mass destruction.


  • Caveman spies (replaced by Penn and Sashi)
  • Caveman inventor (replaced by Boone)
  • Nug


  • C.L.I.A. Headquarters: A cave where the operations of the Cavemen. Low. Intelligence. Agency. (C.L.I.A.) are held.


Season 1


  • Caveman Spy World appears in "Save the Worlds" as one of the places the heroes visit to close a vortex.
    • Before visiting the world and when the MUT is initially malfunctioning, Nug is zapped into Middleburg.

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