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"Sash, check the specs."
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Cereal World
Cereal World
Type: Dimension
First episode: "Cereal Criminals"
Latest episode: "Save the Worlds"
Appearances: 2

Cereal World is a dimension by cereal mascots that farm their cereal. It appears in "Cereal Criminals".


The heroes need to stop the Milkman from flooding cereal crops, making them soggy. A way to figure out his overall plan is to talk to his best friend and cellmate Wrong Way Wally (replaced by Rippen).


  • Choco Chuck, mascot of Choco Choco Choco Trunks (replaced by Penn)
  • Agent Flamingo, mascot of Flaming-O's (replaced by Sashi)
  • The Be Well Beaver, mascot of Kale Flakes (replaced by Boone)
  • Wrong Way Wally, mascot of Choco Choco Choco Trunks (replaced by Rippen)
  • Otis the Opossum, mascot of Banana Bran (replaced by Larry)
  • The Milkman
  • Lenny the Lion, mascot of Lemon Lime Lion Logs
  • Bird mascot of Crispity Crunch
  • Prison guard


  • Crispy Valley: the country town of the cereal mascots.
    • Farmland: fields of cereal crop with barns.
    • Marshmallow Dreams Maximum Security Prison: a prison for mascots that break the law.
    • Crispy Valley Milk Dam: the dam that keeps the milk from flooding the fields.


  • The Crunchington Post: Crispy Valley's newspaper, which is printed on cereal boxes.


Season 1

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