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Death Eater
Production Information
First episode: "That Purple Girl"
Latest episode: "That Purple Guy"
Voiced by: Fred Tatasciore
Character Information
Species: Alien monster
Gender: Male
Residence: Alien World

Grinkon (otherwise known as the Death Eater) is an alien monster in Alien World.


Grinkon is a large golden monster with four red eyes. He has two long lower teeth that stick out of his mouth while the rest are short and jagged, a pink nose with large nostrils, and red blunt spikes with yellow tips on his back. He has muscular arms with tiny claws on his fingers and elephant-like feet with giant claws as toes.

In That Purple Guy


Grinkon is violent and powerful, but he is willing to let his rival competitors yield after being disgusted by Penn and Boone's super emotional near-death man hug. He is annoyed by how everyone thinks he can't talk because he's an ugly monster. After winning the fight, he is excited to marry the Princess, happily telling his mother of his success of winning the Princess' heart.