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Death Eater's mother
Death Eater's Mother
Production Information
First episode: "That Purple Girl"
Voiced by: Fred Tatisciore
Character Information
Species: Alien monster
Gender: Female
Residence: Alien World

The Death Eater's mother is an alien monster and the mother of the Death Eater in Alien World.


The Death Eater's mother is a large dark blue monster with four violet eyes. She has two long lower teeth that stick out of her mouth while the rest are short and jagged, a periwinkle nose with large nostrils, and pink blunt spikes with yellow tips on her back. She has muscular arms with tiny claws on her fingers and elephant-like feet with giant claws as toes. Also, she wears make-up, like purple mascara, pink lipstick, and pink nail polish on her claws.


  • The Death Eater's mother owns a camcorder.