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Dinosaur Cowboy World
Type: Dimension
First episode: "The Old Old West"
Latest episode: "Save the Worlds"
Appearances: 3

Dinosaur Cowboy World is a dimension with cowboys in the desert riding dinosaurs. It appears in "The Old Old West" and "Amber".


Mission One ("The Old Old West")

The team must stop bandits Rippen and Larry from stealing the townspeople's live savings from the bank in Big Butte and making it across the border.

Mission Two ("Amber")

The team must save all the cow-o-saurs in Big Butte.



  • Big Butte: a western town in the desert.
    • Jail: the town's prison.


  • Boone, zapped into a doctor, has a bag of leeches, though leeches weren't being used very often anymore during western times.
  • Penn and Boone often laugh at the name of the Big Butte, believing it is pronounced as "big butt."

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