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Drab Lieutenant
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Production Information
First episode: "It's a Colorful Life"
Voiced by: Pamela Adlon
Character Information
Species: Drab
Gender: Female
Occupation: Member of the Drabs
Residence: Color World
Friends: Drabs
Hues (including Helper Hue)
Enemies: Rippen
Dislikes: Hues (formerly)

The Drab Lieutenant is a member of the Drabs in Color World.


Like her fellow Drabs, the Drab Lieutenant likes doing fun activities, rhyming, and outdoing their enemies, the Hues. However, she realizes that the Hues aren't that bad once all the color is gone and Penn points out how the Drabs and Hues are really the same. After that, she treats the Hues as friends.


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