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Eight Ball
Production Information
First episode: "Balls!"
Voiced by: Jeff Bennett
Character Information
Species: Pool table eight ball
Gender: Male
Occupation: Member of a ball herd
Residence: Land of the last ball herd, Ball World
Friends: Bowling Ball
Enemies: Hunters (including Rippen)
Love interests: Bowling Ball

Eight Ball is a pool table (also called billiard) ball in Ball World.


Eight Ball is a pool table eight ball with a round, black body and the white-colored number 8 with a white circle around it on the front of his face. He has dark blue eyes and speaks with a Brooklyn accent.


Eight Ball is tough and bold, desiring peace for his ball herd. Though he temporarily follows Bowling Ball's advice, he is very eager for the newcomer balls (Penn, Sashi, and Boone) to teach him and his heard how to defend themselves. When he sees a ping pong ball from his herd being washed away by a flood, he immediately goes to rescue him. He is saddened when Bowling Ball, his love, leaves the herd, but she returns just in time to save him from Rippen, much to his joy.