"Sash, check the specs."
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Production Information
First episode: "Larry Manor"
Voiced by: Maurice LaMarche
Character Information
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Occupation: Larry's butler
Matthews's butler (formerly)
Residence: Larry Manor, Middleburg
Friends: Matthews
Enemies: Matthews (formerly)
Dislikes: Being second best

Fredricks is Larry's butler and formerly the butler to Matthews.


Fredricks is at an average height with gray hair, a balding head, and dark brown eyes. Wearing a butler uniform, he wears a white wing collar dress shirt underneath a red vest and a black morning coat with gray buttons, a back bow tie, white gloves, black trousers with stripes, and black dress shoes.


Fredricks is dignified and solemn, loyally serving Larry and working hard. However, he is bitter at Matthews for being promoted while he became her personal butler. His desire to prove himself better than her leads him to kidnap Tony, hide him in her headquarters, and frame her for doing it. His lies are discovered by Penn, and he confesses to just wanting to not be second best. He still has a good heart, though, telling everyone the truth and accepting his punishment, only to be surprised and pleased when Matthews promotes him as co-butler.


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