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Giant Monster Island
First episode: "3 Big Problems"
Latest episode: "Save the Worlds"
Appearances: 3

Giant Monster World is a dimension with humans and giant monsters. It is featured in 3 Big Problems.


First Mission ("3 Big Problems")

Penn, Boone and Sashi (as monsters) must convince the human president of a nearby island that all the monsters are good.

Second Mission ("13 Big Problem")

Penn Boone and Sashi (as monsters) have to get the newborn monsters and get them to the nursery before they destroy the city and end the peace between humans and monsters forever.


  • Giant lizard monster with fire breath (replaced by Penn)
  • Giant insect monster with lightning eyes (replaced by Sashi)
  • Giant Ape monster (replaced by Boone)
  • Admiral of Island City navy (replaced by Rippen)
  • Ensign of Island City navy (replaced by Larry)
  • President of Island City
  • Townspeople
  • Monsters


  • Giant Monster home island
  • Island City


Season 1

Season 2

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