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Production Information
First episode: "It's a Colorful Life"
Voiced by: Multiple people
Character Information
Species: Hues
Gender: Male and female
Residence: Huestown, Color World
Friends: Drabs
Enemies: Rippen
Drabs (formerly)
Likes: Color
Dislikes: Drabs (formerly)

The Hues are a group of creatures with color in Color World. A Hue that talks the most is Helpful Hue.


The Hues are very cheerful and fun-loving, enjoying to rhyme and play. They used to dislike the Drabs for not having color, always trying to be better than them at everything. However, when Rippen steals all the color and both the Hues and Drabs look the same, Penn points it out and encourages them that they should be friends. Agreeing to it, the Hues and Drabs now get along with each other and are able to stop Rippen, save Penn, and get back the colors.


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