Knight World
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Type: Dimension
First episode: "North Pole Down"
Latest episode: "Save the Worlds"
Appearances: 3

Knight World is a dimension of medieval fantasy. It is featured at the beginning of "North Pole Down" and in a flashback of "Zap One".


First Mission ("Zap One")

Penn, Sashi, and Boone must engage in an epic battle against the dark knight and his goblin troops using the weapon of choice.

Second Mission ("North Pole Down")

A magic sword belongs in the castle, but when removed, it causes the dimension to become dark and evil. Penn, Sashi, and Boone must find and return the sword to its rightful place.

Third Mission ("A Tale of Two Wizards")

Cross down the hostile countryside to stop the evil sorcerer from breaking down the good king's castle gates and seize his thorne.



  • Castle: The castle of the dark knight and the goblins before it was reverted back to normal.
  • Mountains: A rock mountain area with many swords stuck in stones.


Season 1

Season 2


  • Penn in Knight World appears in the theme song.
  • In "Zap One", it is revealed that the Knight World was the first world that Penn, Sashi, and Boone zapped into.
  • As revealed in "Zap One", this is the first known dimension the heroes visited twice, the chronological first time being in "Zap One" and the second time being in "North Pole Down".
  • A brief shot of Knight World appears during the montage of Penn and team removing vortexes in "Save the Worlds".
  • In "North Pole Down", the fairy that Sashi zapped into doesn't have wings, but in "Zap One", she does.


North Pole Down

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