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Lazlo Matavaqua
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Production Information
First episode: "Chuckle City"
Latest episode: "Larry Manor"
Character Information
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Occupation: Famous juggler
Likes: Juggling

Lazlo Matavaqua is a famous juggler. He hasn't appeared in-person yet, but his picture has appeared in many episodes.


Lazlo has gray hair, tan skin, sky blue eyes, and a neatly cut mustache and beard. He wears a red coat with black sleeves, a black collar, a white undershirt, and gold buttons surrounded by a gold pattern.

In his recurring photo, Lazlo is holding a green ball while sitting in a chair and having an elbow on a table. He has a wine glass with water on the table and a tan-skinned, brown haired woman leaning above him while wearing a light blue dress. Behind him is a window with a view of a city.


Season 1


  • As stated on the Jugglers Weekly cover, Lazlo started juggling with one ball.