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Production Information
First episode: "Flurgle Burgle"
Latest episode: "Zap One"
Voiced by: Lauren Lapkus
Character Information
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Occupation: Middleburg Central High student
Residence: Middleburg
Love interests: Penn Zero
(formerly) Alex

Matilda is a student at Middleburg Central High.[1] She is a background character with no dialogue but a few notable appearances, and she will make more appearances in the future.[2]


Matilda is short with dark brown hair tied back into a ponytail with a purple hairband, periwinkle eyes, and freckles. She wears pink glasses, a red orange hoodie with pockets and white hood strings, blue jeans, and brown boots with lace at the top that come up to below her knees. She also has a backpack with dark green straps.


Season 1

Season 2


  • In "The Princess Most Fair", Rippen, Matilda's art teacher, gives her a bad grade for her painting of a white cat.
  • At the school dance in "Lady Starblaster", Penn dances with her for a moment, which she enjoys.
  • According to Sam Levine, Matilda seems to be into Penn.[3]
  • In "The QPC", Matilda is revealed to be on the school track team.
  • She is revealed to be in a scooter club during Penn's musical number in "Zap One".