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Mayor Pink Panda
Production Information
First episode: "Baby-Pocalypse"
Voiced by: Diana Rigg
Character Information
Species: Stuffed animal
Gender: Female
Occupation: Mayor of a village
Residence: Town, Plush Toy World
Enemies: Giant babies and toddlers (Rippen and Larry)
Dislikes: Lawbreakers

Mayor Pink Panda is the stuffed animal mayor of a village in Plush Toy World.


Mayor Pink Panda is a pink plush panda, including a heart-shaped light pink chest with a heart texture. She has dark blue googly eyes, and she wears a teal hat with a light pink flower attached.


Mayor Pink Panda is very serious about her job as mayor and the laws. She gets frustrated with those who don't follow the laws, along with threatening to take action in the government against those who do immoral things. Though a bit gruff and grim, she cares for her town, appreciating those willing to help her and the town when trouble occurs.