"Moonlight Bright" is a song sung by Sheriff Scaley Briggs and Amber Briggs.


Amber: Moonlight bright, please light the way. My heart longs for kinder days when Pa would take me down the trail. See the world from a dinosaur's tail, but he never let me ride by his side, as his deputy. To him I was never tough enough. So, I chose a life of crime for me.

Sheriff Scaley Briggs: Moonlight bright, won't you light the way? My little girl has gone away. How could I let her ride with me? Life's too dangerous as a deputy, but I sure do miss my Amber so sweet.

Amber: I'm missing my pa tonight.

Amber and Sheriff Scaley Briggs: But she's/he's still wrong, so I sing out this song to the lonesome moonlight bright. To the lonesome moonlight bright.

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