Mrs. Wright
Production Information
First episode: "My Mischievous Son"
Voiced by: Judith Light
Character Information
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Occupation: n/a
Residence: Sitcom World
Mrs. Wright (or Mom) is the leading woman and mother in Sitcom World, and is Mr. Wright's wife, along with their three children - Wally, Molly, and Max.


She has wavy, light brown hair to her shoulders, with dark brown eyebrows, blue eyes and pink lipstick. Around the house, she wears a light blue sweater with short or rolled-up sleeves and blue jeans, and in formal situations, wears a red dress.


Mrs. Wright is very upbeat and cheerful, even when doing chores around the house, and is very loving towards her family. Despite her husband and youngest son's differences, she always seeks to resolve household conflicts peacefully. She strongly believes that exhibiting unconditional love towards her children will lead to good behavior and mutual success. When broken down however, she is quick to apologize and blame herself. When her son acts out despite her best efforts, she claims she has failed as a mother entirely.


Penn Zero / Mr. Wright

While stationed in Sitcom World, Penn is cast as her husband, Mr. Wright, and they maintain an affectionate relationship despite their disagreements on how to parent their youngest son. She does not allow him to send "Max" to military school as proposed, giving him a cookie to stop him from protesting, along with a kiss on the cheek, which causes Penn to blush. When "Max" acts out despite her best efforts, she is quick to apologize for doubting her husband.

Rippen / Max

In contrast to Penn, who wants to punish Rippen, cast as their son Max, for his mischievous behavior, Mrs. Wright is sympathetic, and suggests Max is acting out because he is the youngest child, and that if they just keep loving him, he will behave better. She spends time alone with him to bond, and gives him a 'My Little Angel' button to discourage his misbehavior, telling him that she loves him very much.

When Rippen successfully sabotages dinner during the mission, Mrs. Wright realizes that "Max" is responsible and begins to cry, apologizing to Penn and suggesting she has failed as a mother. Moved by her previous kindness, in contrast to his own mother, Rippen tries to make her feel better and apologizes for ruining the dinner. Though Rippen only intends to cheer her up, his apology leads to Penn winning the mission regardless.


  • Mrs. Wright is voiced by Judith Light, who starred as Angela in the sitcom Who's The Boss?, which ran from 1984 to 1992.
  • Due to Penn and the show's other characters filling in for the rest of the main 'cast' of Sitcom World, she is the only member of the Wright family to actually appear in the episode.


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