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My Name is Penn Zero (Song)
Penn Zero Rocking
Song by Unknown
Released: September 30, 2015
Episode: "Zap One""
Composer: Ryan Shore
Previous: "Today's The Day (Song)"
Next: "Save the Worlds (song)"

"My Name is Penn Zero" is a song that happens in "Zap One" this song is sung towards the end of the episode during the battle sequence.

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You want an epic battle,
that's exactly what you're gonna get.
I'll rock them in an evil countryside.
And never miss a fret.[?]

What's my name? My name is Penn Zero!
What's my name? My name is Penn Zero!

His name is Penn Zero,
he's an ordinary kid.

But he's gonna blow[?] your house down.

And that's exactly what I did.

Rippen (Spoken):
No don't rock out! Attack him!

Larry (Spoken):
But I can't stop listening, it’s so good!

It's a righteous rock battle, so let the stage burn.
3 Kids vs. a billion take the mic it's your turn.

Rippen (Spoken):
Larry, hit me!

Rippen (Attempting to sing):
I am Rippen, and I can also rock.
I climb a mighty dragon, and fly it to the top.

Rippen (Spoken):
Well at least wait for the second verse.

No one’s waiting, for the second verse.
We're coming for you, in every universe.

Rippen (Spoken):
You're a fool! I out smarted your parents,
who do you think you are?!

My name is Penn Zero,
and I'm here to save the world.
My name is Penn Zero I'm a part- time- hero!

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