"Sash, check the specs."
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Production Information
First episode: "Rock and Roll"
Latest episode: "Save the Worlds"
Voiced by: Maria Bamford
Character Information
Species: Cavewoman
Gender: Female
Occupation: Satellite technician
Residence: Cavemen Spy World
Dislikes: Being satellite technician

Nug is the satellite technician cavewoman for C.L.I.A (Caveman Low Intelligence Agency) from Cavemen Spy World.


Nug is at a medium height with light blue eyes. She has frizzy blonde hair with a bone stuck on top and her hair tied back into a ponytail with a green vine, along with a unibrow.

She wears a dark magenta dress with a leopard print.


Due to her harsh job, Nug hates her world, considering it the worst of all. When she sees the invention of fire, her immediate thought is to use it to take over the world and free her from being the satellite technician. During the events of "Save the Worlds", Nug is initially willing to let her world be destroyed rather than save it. She is also not very intelligent, eating the jellyfish that Boone gives her so she can breathe underwater in Ocean World, and believing Rippen's lie that the Nothingness is a portal that would take her anywhere she wanted.


Season 1


  • Nug is one of the interdimensional characters that is zapped into Middleburg because of the malfunctioning MUT in "Save the Worlds".