Outer Space Court World is a dimension where aliens and the judge/reality game show Outer Space Court Live exist. It appears in "Defending the Earth".


The team must stop an alien attack. However, unexpectedly, when Boone objects, he and Rippen are placed into a reality game show to fight for whether or not to destroy the Earth.


  • President (replaced by Penn)
  • The Supreme Court Justice (replaced by Boone)
  • General (replaced by Sashi)
  • Octopus aliens (two replaced by Rippen and Larry)
  • Judge Blort Clooney
  • Bruce Vilanch
  • Jorlanx
  • Baby Hubarian Quirm
  • Vick the Destroyer and his Funshine Minions of Doom
  • Rippen's army
  • Purple People
  • The Death Eater
  • Flurgle
  • Various aliens


  • The White House: The government building where the president and his administration reside.
  • Outer Space Court Live Ship: The spaceship where the show is recorded in front of a live audience.


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