Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero is an American animated television series created by Jared Bush and Sam Levine for Disney XD. It is produced by Disney Television Animation and Mercury Filmworks. A sneak peak episode, "North Pole Down", was released on December 5, 2014, and the show officially premiered on February 13, 2015.

The first season ended on October 1, 2015 and the second season premiered on July 10, 2017. The series ended July 28, 2017


Every day after school, Penn leads his team of best friends Sashi, an overqualified part-time sidekick, and Boone, an under qualified part-time wise man, as they zap to other dimensions to fill in for heroes in need and battle the evil part-time villain Rippen and his part-time minion Larry. Whether superhero, fish-prince, clown cop, giant monster or tiny action-figure, Penn uses his unconventional heroic skills to save the day – his own way.



Jared Bush said that he always liked the idea of a character who could go to different genres, but he didn't know how to tell that story. He pitched it to executive director of development Jonathan Schneider at TVA, who responded that while he liked the idea, they needed to do a lot of work on it. He brought Jared together with Sam Levine, and Jared and Sam worked together to figure out the characters and mythology of the show.[1]

The duo incorporated many elements from their own lives. Jared, as a kid, found out that his father and grandfather were CIA agents, so he made Penn discover his parents are part-time heroes. Sam's father was a projectionist at a theater, so Sam had the device that transports the heroes a movie projector called the Multi-Universe Transprojector. Jared and Sam found it very important for the show to be character-driven and for the style to be detailed and similar to art styles from the 1950's.[2]


The Wilhelm scream is heard about every episode.


Country Channel Premiere date Title Source
Canada Disney XD March 16, 2015 Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero [3]
Southeast Asia Disney Channel Asia April 13, 2015 [4][5]
United Kingdom Disney XD May 14, 2015
Australia Disney XD June 1, 2015 [6]
South Korea Disney Channel June 9, 2015 펜 제로 [7]
Germany Disney XD June 29, 2015 Penn Zero - Teilzeitheld [8]
Israel Disney Channel July 1, 2015 פן זירו- גיבור במשרה חלקית [9]
Latin America Disney XD July 27, 2015 Penn Zero - Casi Héroe [10]
Brazil Penn Zero: Quase Herói [11]
Netherlands Disney XD August 31, 2015 Penn Zero - Parttime Held [12]
Poland Disney XD September 7, 2015 Penn Zero – bohater na pół etatu [13]
Middle East Disney XD Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero [14]
Hungary Disney Channel TBA Penn Zero, a félállású hős [15]


  1. "A Multi-Dimensional Playground." Animation Magazine, Feb. 2015. Print. (link)

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