Rippen Model
Production Information
First episode: "North Pole Down"
Latest episode: "At the End of the Worlds"
Voiced by: Alfred Molina
Character Information
Species: Alien
Gender: Male
Occupation: Part-time villain (formerly)
Art teacher at Middleburg Central High (formerly)
Residence: Rippen's apartment, Middleburg
Relatives: Axalon (father)
Hedwin (mother)
Vlurgen (sister)
Friends: Larry (minion)
Enemies: Penn Zero
Sashi Kobayashi
Boone Wiseman
Love interests: Lady Starblaster
Likes: Winning
Dislikes: Losing
Penn Zero
Larry's talking
Prepare for your doom, heroes!

–Rippen, "I'm Super!"

Rippen is the main antagonist of Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero. He is an art teacher at Middleburg Central High and a part-time villain.[1]


Rippen is tall and muscular with pale green skin. He has a spiky black hair with several greenish-gray streaks, along with a goatee, and he has red eyes and pointed ears. He wears a dark purple business suit with light gray sleeve ends and collar, a red tie, dark green pants with a black belt, and black shoes. When he's being an art teacher, he wears a gold-colored apron with paint smears and small pockets to hold art supplies, such as scissors, color pencils, and paint brushes.

In At the End of the Worlds, he is shown to have a tail.


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Rippen is diabolical, menacing, and calculating. He is willing to use underhanded tactics to achieve his goals, like destroying Penn's MUHU if Penn doesn't turn the sleigh around in "North Pole Down", and trapping his parents in the Most Dangerous World Imaginable so that no hero would stand in his way. His main ambition is to become a full-time villain and outdo his sister Vlurgen, doing whatever it takes to achieve it, even desiring to get rid of Penn once and for all. Being very serious, Rippen gets easily annoyed with Larry's antics and anything that goes wrong. He is also short-tempered, quickly losing his patience and cool demeanor when his plans are threatened. He is also shown to find tears of misery to be funny.

Despite his faults, Rippen is not purely evil and sometimes shows kindness. In "Number One, Number Two", he considers replacing Larry, thinking it would help him win for once, though he tries to put it nicely for Larry. However, once Rippen realizes that he under-appreciated Larry's loyalty, he is very regretful and thanks Larry immensely after helping him escape the prison carriage. Also, though he still despises the part-time heroes, Rippen is occasionally grateful for them. He appreciates that they give him a good rating so that he can become Teacher of the Month in "Cereal Criminals", and when Penn spares his life in "I'm Still Super!", Rippen unexpectedly returns the favor for one time by sparing Sashi and Boone's lives.



Screenshot 2017-08-11-22-36-11

Larry and Rippen hugging in "Number One Number Two".

In "North Pole Down", Rippen describes Larry as the most loyal yet least evil minion ever. Rippen is often annoyed with Larry's cheerfulness and bubbly personality. He dislikes listening to Larry's ramblings and has a lot of impatience with Larry's mistakes. In "Hail Larry", he is horrified at the possibility of Larry becoming the full-time villain while replacing him, so he uses the MUT, despite being sick, to thwart him. However, while denying it publicly, it is shown that he secretly enjoys Larry's company.

Penn Zero

Rippen despises Penn and his interference with his evil schemes. No matter how hard Rippen tries, Penn consistently outclasses him. He doesn't have anything against annihilating Penn so that he'll stop ruining his plans. He also vents his disgust by giving him bad grades in his art class. On occasion, however, like in "Cereal Criminals" and "I'm Still Super!", Rippen shows some thankfulness and respect when Penn helps him out, even saving Penn's friends for him in the latter.

Boone Wiseman

Believing Boone to be an incompetent fool, Rippen doesn't consider him much of a threat. However, Boone, as a genie in "The Fast and the Floor Rugs", tricks Rippen out of two of his wishes and from destroying Penn, much to Rippen's fury. While admitting to liking Boone's art, the Pigoilet, in "The Princess Most Fair", he still gives him a bad grade and pretends to find it awful in class.

Sashi Kobayashi

Rippen describes Sashi as the competent one, but he often belittles her for being the sidekick and not the hero. He sees her as a serious threat, though his hatred for Penn runs deeper.


Vlurgen is Rippen's sister, whom Rippen despises for always getting better things than him. The reason he turned to villainy is because he wants to prove himself to be better than her.

Lady Starblaster

Rippen finds Lady Starblaster very attractive for her looks, attitude, and evil demeanor. Instead of being displeased when he finds out she has been using him to get rid of the heroes in the episode of the same name, he admits he is even more in love with her because of it.



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