the rogue gingerbread man army also now has the shabows in the night or the shugery assins of the nourth is a full army of gingerbread men and one gingerbread woman imploded by Rippen to take over Santa's work shop in North Pole Down.


the rougue gingerbread men are well giant gingerbread men they are all identical exect ginger bread woman who has slitly more fimien chics and eyelashes.


the rouge gingerbread man are has merany has they come willing to attact saints work shop and take the else hostage. they are brutal and presise has stated by Sashi after see what they did to the work shop "this wasn't just some turtle doves blowing off steam where dealing with prose". they are well orginized and fight with canby themed weapons and show no fear. under rippens leader ship they were espally clever and well orginized. hiring the snow man to infiltrate penns group gian there trust and lead them to doom.


the rogue gingerbread man army use mainly candy themed weapons(hay there gingerbread men). mainly frosting blasters giant candy cain weapons gaint candy cain sling shots popcorn string whips ect.

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