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The second season of Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero was confirmed on April 22, 2015. It will premiere in August 2017.[1][2]

Season 2 will include Penn and the gang zapping into the worlds of anime, pirates with talking sea creature ships and the most epic "Rock, Paper, Scissors" battle of all time, among others. It will also uncover the origins of the part-time heroes and delve deeper into the characters’ mysterious backstories.[3]


Main cast

Recurring cast

Guest cast

Confirmed Episodes

  • The Pirates, the Parrot, the Puzzles, and the Talking Boats
  • NINKI___A F____ ___N
  • Wings of Destiny



Penn Zero Part Time Hero Season 2 Trailer04:39

Penn Zero Part Time Hero Season 2 Trailer

Sneak peek trailer for Season 2.

  • This is the last season of the series.[4]
  • Mr. Kobayashi and Mrs. Kobayashi are confirmed to appear in season 2, as their voice actors, George Takei and Lauren Tom, had a recording session.[5]
    • George Kobayashi is also confirmed to appear, a brief clip from a recording session showing George Takei calling out his name.[6]
  • Just like the first season, Season 2 will have double-length "tent pole" episodes. According to Sam Levine, there is a big mid-season tent pole "that really tests our trio’s friendship, and we meet this really fun giant beast..."[7]
  • Alien World and the Princess from "That Purple Girl" will appear again.[8]



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