"Sash, check the specs."
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Sylvester Kobayashi
Sylvester with his daughter (left) and his wife.
Production Information
First episode: "Flurgle Burgle"
Voiced by: George Takei
Character Information
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Residence: Middleburg

Sylvester Kobayashi[1] (小林シルベスター Kobayashi Shirubesutā) is Sashi and George's father.


Sylvester and Tia, Sylvester's wife, don't know about Sashi's job as a part-time sidekick, as she tells them she works at Fish Stick on a Stick. In The Kobayashis


  • Sylvester is mentioned in "Baby-Pocalypse", Sashi saying he and his wife allowed her to babysit George when she was younger.
  • Sylvester is voiced by George Takei who is famous for playing Mr. Sulu from Star Trek.


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