"The Kobayashis"
Season 2, Episode 12
Prod. Code: 207a
Premiered: July 19, 2017
Written by:
  Jase Ricci
Storyboard by:
  Kathleen Good
Directed by:
  Adam Henry and Kathleen Good
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''The Kobayshis'' is the twelfth episode of the Second Season of Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero. It premiered on July 19 2017.


When Sashi's parents find out about her real job with Penn and Boone, Penn has Phyillis zap her and her parents into the Outer Space World in order to keep Sashi's job.


Boone gives Penn a fake invitation to a party that Sashi's family is having for her brother, George, who has made 'All City Cheese Taster'. When they open the door, Sashi is seen carrying a tray of cupcakes and clumsily slipping around the room before finally landing on a beanbag. Sashi's father, Selvester Kobayashi, comments that the game Pin The Tail on the donkey was too dangerous for the Kobayashi family. Penn almost comments that danger doesn't bother Sashi, before she stick a cupcake in his mouth to shut him, scolding him for almost blowing her cover, as her parents still don't know she's a part time sidekick. Later, at work, Penn tells Sashi she should just tell her parents what her job really is, and Sashi replies that she wishes she could just so she could stop carrying the Fish Stick on a Stick uniform. The scene cuts to her parents realize she left for work without said uniform, they go to drop it off, and Phil tells them she doesn't work there, but next door. Sashi's parents see Sashi risking her life for the mission, and demand that she quits. Without her, Penn and Boone almost die on a mission, which takes place in Clown World. Penn and Boone organize for Sashi's parents to watch a documentary on how many times Sashi has saved the world, to which her mother, Tia Kobayashi, responds "Its clear that you two care about Sashi, but I think we know our own daughter." They are then zapped in the world seen in the episode Furgle Burgle, where Sashi asks her parents to accept her real her, claiming that being a sidekick is her special thing. Her parents agree and help her win the mission. At the end of the episode, they make her trophy, rewarding her for being the world's best sidekick.


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