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Today's The Day (Song)
Todays The Day Penn Zero
Song by Unknown
Released: September 30, 2015
Episode: "Zap One""
Composer: Ryan Shore
Previous: "Bad Weed"
Next: "My Name is Penn Zero (Song)"

"Today's The Day" is a song that happens in "Zap One" this song is sung at the beginning of the episode by Penn Zero.


Today's the day,
Today's the day.
My fiftieth zapping,
A hero my way.

The sky is blue!
My MUHU too!
Saving the world
Is what I'm gonna do!

Oh! When I started this,
I was but a boy,
But I'm still a boy,
So I don't know what my point was!

And on my fiftieth zap,
I won't switch genders,
So I'll still be a boy.
A boy they'll throw a surprise party for!

Oh! Today's the day,
Today's the day,
My fiftieth zap
That I will make.

And they will throw me
A surprise party,
And I will eat some-

Phyllis (speaking):

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