• Tansyflower

    Hi! Since we don't know when episodes will air, this is where I'll gather info about upcoming news/images for the show!

    Also, a majority of these come from co-creator's Sam Levine's Twitter/Instagram/Tumblr, and check out backgrounds and visual development for the show on this Tumblr!

    • Superhero episode (Comic Con 2014 clip)
    • Dinosaur episode (image)
    • Cowboy episode (image of designs in background)
    • Knight episode (image)
    • Underwater episode (Twitter post/image)
    • Episode (22-minute) with capes, monkeys, and rugs (Twitter post)
    • Halloween episode (image, assumed Halloween episode but might just be something w/ a scary theme)
    • Christmas episode (22-minute, Twitter post/Twitter post/image)
    • Episode with bandits on pteranadon (Twitter post)
    • Episode with car chase…

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